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Gift your legacy in four simple steps:

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Sign-up and login using our secure network.

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Upload details of your investments and other critical information.

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Select Executors and a Nominee whom you trust to make the right decisions.



Update information as you grow in life and add more wealth and assets.

* After your demise, we will get in touch with the executor and ensure the safe passage of your legacy to your nominee by following strict procedures.
Access your legacy anytime, anywhere on the most secure digital platform.
Cloud Storage


Forget all worries of your locker being robbed or your important files in the drawer being tampered. You don't even have to remember all your passwords or shuttle between multiple platforms like Google Drive, DropBox etc to access your data. Having all your information and data on a digital cloud gives you easy access to your legacy at all times.

Secure Access


We use 256-Bit AES encryption to encrypt and decrypt your data. This means that we use the most secure technology that is almost impossible to hack into. Moreover, each time you login, you will be asked for a OTP that will be sent only to your registered mobile number.

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