Also known as the Vault, the legacy service allows you to store your personal and financial information in separate tabs as shown in the image.

Our legacy service allows you to not only store all your information on our secure platform but also add executors and a nominee who will make sure that your legacy reaches the intended persons after your demise.




An executor(s) is a person who will act as a liaison between your family and GML after you. He/she will be responsible for sending us the death certificate after which we will give them a call and verify the news. You can add one of the executors as your nominee also, however it is generally not advisable.


A nominee is a person who will eventually get access to your vault and therefore, the data stored in it. However, a nominee may not necessarily be the person who will ultimately inherit your wealth as mentioned in your Will. For example, if you are married, your wife may be the nominee who will get access to your GML vault and Will details, but your children will inherit some part of your assets if you have mentioned it so, in your legal Will.

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